Water Conservation

Work to Begin at Resaca Boulevard Resaca, Old City Cemetery

By bpub | October 28, 2015 |

Two Resaca Restoration Project tasks begin in November. The first, dredging of the Resaca Boulevard Resaca beginning Monday, November 9; the second, is the start of bank improvements at the Cemetery Resaca.

Facts and Tips to Reduce Outdoor Water Use

By bpub | July 29, 2015 |

Summer’s rising temperatures often coincide with rising outdoor water use, primarily due to an increase in lawn and landscape watering. In most areas, the amount of water homeowners use to keep their lawns green or gardens lush spikes in the summer—two to four times as much water than they use the rest of the year!…

Water Conservation Tips: Use your meter as a leak detection tool

By bpub | June 22, 2015 |

Small leaks around your home can go undetected for years, and if left unnoticed, over time a small amount of wasted water starts adding up to a higher water bill. Find out how these simple steps can help you detect leaks.

KURV Interview on Stage 1 Voluntary Water Restrictions

By bpub | May 5, 2015 |

Ryan Greenfeld, BPUB Senior Communications and Public Relations Coordinator speaks to KURV about the Stage 1 Voluntary Water Restrictions.

BPUB Announces Stage 1 Voluntary Water Restrictions

By bpub | April 30, 2015 |

How Much Could You Save? Our Water Conservation Library helps you gain a better understanding of how much water you use and how to conserve in and around your home. Start Saving Every year on May 1, the Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) implements a Stage 1 Voluntary Water Use Restriction in anticipation of the…

Spruce Up Your Sprinkler System and Save Water this Earth Day

By bpub | April 22, 2015 |

Spring has arrived, and as we celebrate Earth Day this April 22, the onset of warmer weather can lead to an increase in landscape irrigation. If you’re planning on doing some landscaping this season, be sure to spruce up your irrigation system before you ramp up your watering. System maintenance can help save you a…

Simple Steps to Big Water Savings

By bpub | March 16, 2015 |

The average American household wastes more than 10,000 gallons each year from easy-to-fix water leaks. That’s the amount of water needed to wash 270 loads of laundry. If that doesn’t seem like a lot, consider that across the country, easy-to-fix household leaks can add up to more than 1 trillion gallons of water lost every year.

BPUB Update How to Detect a Toilet Leak

By bpub | February 10, 2015 |

The toilet is one of the most used things in any household, and a leaky one can be responsible for hundreds of gallons of wasted water. In this week’s BPUB Update, we show you just how easy it is to detect a leak in your toilet at home.

SRWA Expansion Nears Completion

By bpub | January 30, 2015 |

The Southmost Regional Water Authority (SRWA) desalination plant is getting closer to finishing a major expansion. This project should be complete in the early part of 2015.

BPUB Asks Residents to Protect Their Pipes

By bpub | November 20, 2014 |

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) wants customers to do their part to protect their pipes, which keep the sewer system flowing.