About Us

For more than a century, Brownsville utilities have been part of Brownsville’s growth and future. In 1904, the utility that would become BPUB was created by a unanimous vote under the city’s Home Rule Charter.

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) was formally chartered by the city of Brownsville in 1960 to provide electrical, water and wastewater services to its customers in the southernmost part of Texas.

Under the charter, management, operation and control of the city’s combined water, wastewater and electric utility systems were delegated to the BPUB Board of Directors. The Board is composed of seven members: six appointed by the City Commission to four-year terms and the city’s mayor serves as the seventh member (ex-officio).

BPUB values flexible, proactive customer service catered to best suit the delivery of the finest services possible. BPUB’s mission is to create value for customers and the community as the provider of choice for utility services.

By delivering exceptional electric, water and wastewater services to the Brownsville area, BPUB has set the standard as a customer-focused, municipally owned utility (MOU) offering reliable services the community can depend on. Today, BPUB is ranked as one of the largest MOUs in the state and country.

In this leadership role, BPUB has built its reputation on providing quality electric, water and wastewater services for a community with an estimated population of 176,000 and some customers outside city limits. BPUB provides 46,000 industrial, commercial and residential customers with electric service, about 47,000 with water service, and about 47,000 with sewer service both inside and outside the city’s corporate boundaries and to the Port of Brownsville and its industries.