Work to Begin at Resaca Boulevard Resaca, Old City Cemetery

Two Resaca Restoration Project tasks begin in November. The first, dredging of the Resaca Boulevard Resaca beginning Monday, November 9; the second, is the start of bank improvements at the Cemetery Resaca.

The dredging at Resaca Boulevard Resaca is estimated to be completed in late spring 2016. The project may be delayed if large trash (like tires and shopping carts) are found and need to be removed, as in the Cemetery Resaca portion of the project.

The Cemetery Resaca, located along the Old City Cemetery, was the first resaca restored in the Resaca Restoration Project. Bank stabilization activities like improving and creating shallower banks will reduce erosion and urban runoff. To begin work, water flow to resacas will stop temporarily to gradually lower the resaca level. Residents in the Rio Viejo Subdivision, Resaca Boulevard, St. Joseph Resaca, and Cemetery Resaca areas may notice the lower water level. Water flow into resacas will resume to replenish levels when the project is complete. Other bank restoration activities include planting of native vegetation along the banks and storm drain improvements.

The Resaca Boulevard Resaca is the last of the Phase I sites selected by BPUB in conjunction with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The other Phase I sites included: the Cemetery Resaca, the Dean Porter Park Resaca and the Gladys Porter Zoo resaca system.

BPUB is consulting with the U.S Army Corps of Engineers to determine the best Phase II sites. Selection criteria include need and proximity to the dewatering site.

Once complete, the long-term benefits of the Resaca Restoration Project are improved aesthetics and park areas, increased storm water and raw water storage capacity, enhanced habitats for wildlife, new opportunities for recreation, eco-tourism and economic growth.