BPUB Asks Residents to Protect Their Pipes

BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS – The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) wants customers to do their part to protect their pipes, which keep the sewer system flowing.

Not following safe disposal practices can result in blockages in residents’ pipes, sometimes causing sewage to flow onto streets and into homes and businesses. This can cause unwanted sewer service problems.

To avoid blockages in pipes and sewage overflows, residents should follow these practices:

  • Do not flush wipes in the toilet, even if the packaging says “flushable” or “disposable.”
  • Do not pour used cooking oil, hot grease or fats (butter/margarine) down the drain.
  • Do not flush paper towels, kitty litter, fabrics of any kind, plastic or latex in the toilet.

Here are some useful tips for all residents:

  • Use mesh drain strainers to catch food scraps for disposal in trash can.
  • Use a pot scraper to scrape food or grease into the trash can rather than the sink.
  • Place cooled grease into a container that can be put in a trash can.

BPUB customers can come by the Administration Building at 1425 Robinhood Drive in Brownsville to pick up a free pot scraper to keep food and grease out of the drain and put it into the trash can where it belongs.

BPUB reminds the city that wipes clog pipes.