BPUB Resaca Education and Outreach Coordinator Joins BPUB

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BPUB has added a Resaca Education and Outreach Coordinator to its ranks thanks to a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Sadot Azzua joins BPUB with a background in outreach. Her principal purpose at BPUB is to educate residents about the importance of the Resaca Restoration Project and keep them informed about all of the efforts being done at the Old City Cemetery and the Cemetery Resaca.

Dredging has been completed at the Cemetery Resaca, resulting in an extensive amount of trash being removed as well as sediment. Now efforts are underway to stabilize the banks and revegetate to help alleviate some of the urban runoff. There are also plans to build up the recreational potential found at the Cemetery Resaca. These will all be critical to the new outreach coordinator’s mission.

Among Azzua’s duties will also be coordinating tours of the Resaca Restoration Project. If you have a group interested in going on a tour, you may contact Azzua at 983-6462 or [email protected].