Setting the Stages for Conservation

By bpub | July 21, 2020 |

Hot conditions and drought aren’t unfamiliar things for those of us living in South Texas. In fact, it’s something that we largely deal with on a year-round basis; however, those dry conditions tend to intensify during the dog days of summer that we find ourselves in today. You might wonder how BPUB determines drought status…

Understanding Your Drinking Water

By bpub | July 21, 2020 |

By now, all BPUB customers have received the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), also known as the Drinking Water Quality Report, with their monthly bill whether it be in their physical or digital mailbox. The CCR includes the most recent findings of community water sampling studies for the BPUB water treatment plants as well as for…

BPUB Operations Not Slowing Down Despite Pandemic

By bpub | July 21, 2020 |

Some customers might worry about BPUB operations during this time of uncertainty amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As a provider of critical services, BPUB takes extra precautions to reduce the chances of this virus impacting daily operations. While the Administration Building might be closed to visitors and customers, there is still plenty of activity for…

Utility Assistance Available to Qualifying Residential Customers

By bpub | July 21, 2020 |

The current pandemic has impacted many people in the community in different ways. In an effort to provide support to its residential customers during a time of need, BPUB has expanded its Project SHARE program to provide utility assistance to more residential customers. The Brownsville Public Utilities Board is a municipally owned utility system. With…

Hurricane Season: Key Word is Preparation

By bpub | July 21, 2020 |

Hurricane season is always a stressful time, but hurricane season during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic adds another layer of anxiety. The key to dealing with hurricanes any year – but especially this year – is preparation. Think about the crowds that flood the grocery store whenever a hurricane looks to be headed this way. Those…

Resaca Boulevard Resaca Ecosystem Restoration Gets Underway

By bpub | March 6, 2019 |

Passersby might have noticed that the area along the Resaca Boulevard Resaca is starting to look a bit different. That area is undergoing an ecosystem restoration that began in August 2018. The work is being funded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB), with USACE covering 65…

Brownsville Passes New Cross Connection Ordinance

By bpub | March 6, 2019 |

The Brownsville City Commission approved a new ordinance Dec. 4 that will help protect the city’s drinking water supply. The new ordinance requires backflow prevention devices to be installed and maintained to prevent contamination of drinking water. What is it? To understand the ordinance, it helps to understand the terminology. A cross-connection is a link…

Infrastructure Projects Update

By bpub | January 26, 2018 |

As part of a new series, from time to time, the Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) will shine the spotlight on some of its active infrastructure improvement projects. There are always many different projects going on at BPUB, so this list is not meant to be seen as complete. It will, however, provide some much…

Winter Freeze Operations

By bpub | January 26, 2018 |

Due to its geographic location and proximity to the equator, the Rio Grande Valley’s inhabitants – people, plants and animals – are not accustomed to frigid temperatures like the ones seen in December 2017 and January 2018. As a result, the Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) was impacted by numerous factors due to a cold…

Service is Our Main Product

By bpub | October 26, 2017 |

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) is proud to be the recipient of the diamond status RP3 (Reliable Public Power Provider) designation. This encompasses many things, but in the eyes of everyone who works at BPUB, it comes down to one thing: service is our main product. BPUB is built around providing top-notch service to all of its customers, and the criteria that BPUB was judged on to receive the RP3 designation shows how our top-notch service relates to each of those.