BPUB Operations Not Slowing Down Despite Pandemic

Some customers might worry about BPUB operations during this time of uncertainty amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As a provider of critical services, BPUB takes extra precautions to reduce the chances of this virus impacting daily operations.

While the Administration Building might be closed to visitors and customers, there is still plenty of activity for field operations, at the Administration Building and at remote locations. Enabling BPUB employees to work from remote locations has greatly reduced the chances of widespread exposure throughout the company while still staying productive across departments.

BPUB’s field operations plays an essential role in keeping electrical, water and wastewater services running. They are the ones who perform daily maintenance of the city’s infrastructure and respond to outages. As such, procedures have been put in place to minimize exposure among various departments and to maintain social distancing. Schedules are now staggered so that there won’t be crowds of people at the time clock. In addition, employees are provided face masks and gloves that they are required to wear while on the job. Physical distancing is also expected to be maintained. Common areas, frequently touched surfaces and offices still being used are given more frequent cleanings and sanitizations to further reduce the chances of infection.

Despite the complications that this pandemic has caused, BPUB wants to again emphasize that normal operations are continuing, even if sometimes from remote locations. While customers may not be able to go to the Administration Building for direct assistance, people are still standing by to assist.

Report an Outage

  • Online – Go here to report any type of service problem. You can skip through any telephone, and your report will automatically generate a service order. The link can be saved to your phone or mobile device’s desktop for easy reporting access.
  • Phone – Call 956-983-6300 to report an outage.


Payment options

  • Online – Just go to BPUB’s website, brownsville-pub.com/, for easy online access.
  • Phone – Dial 956-983-6121 and follow the menu options to pay your bill. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Drop Box – While the Administration Building lobby will be closed, customers can still utilize the drop box at 1425 Robinhood Drive to leave payments.
  • Drive-Through – There are five drive-through lanes behind the Administration Building that will be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • S. Mail – Payments may be mailed to P.O. Box 660566; Dallas, TX 75266-0566
  • Autopay – Set it and forget it. This option allows customers to set up automatic payments each month through a credit card or checking account.


Payment arrangements

  • Phone – Customer Service agents will still be available to handle payment arrangements by phone at 956-983-6121.
  • Internet – Customers don’t even need to speak to a Customer Service agent to utilize the payment arrangement feature on the BPUB website.


Connection/Disconnection of Service

  • Phone – Customers who need to open a new service account or close an existing account can do so by phone at 956-983-6121.
  • Internet – Customers can skip the phone call and go right to the BPUB website.