Brownsville Passes New Cross Connection Ordinance

By bpub | March 6, 2019 |

The Brownsville City Commission approved a new ordinance Dec. 4 that will help protect the city’s drinking water supply. The new ordinance requires backflow prevention devices to be installed and maintained to prevent contamination of drinking water. What is it? To understand the ordinance, it helps to understand the terminology. A cross-connection is a link…

Expert Spotlight: Susan M. Walker

By bpub | March 6, 2019 |

Helping people has always been Susan Walker’s biggest interest. As BPUB’s Customer Service Manager, Walker is now an expert in customer relations, but it took 20 years of banking experience and three more as a business manager at a local physical therapy clinic to get there. BPUB serves over 40,000 Brownsville residents and works with…

Is a Smart Home a Smart Choice for Energy Efficiency?

By bpub | March 6, 2019 |

“Smart” seems to have become a popular buzz word these days as more and more companies are attempting to dip their toes into the growing smart game. So what is a smart device? That can be tricky to define for some people since so many smart devices do such different things, but a smart device…

Winter tips for your home

By bpub | March 6, 2019 |

Winter may have begun in December, but for those of us living in the southernmost tip of Texas, winter takes its time. If you haven’t prepared your home for the cold days ahead, now is a great time! Tip 1 – Tune up your heating system Consult a professional technician to inspect your heat pump…

How do you like to receive your news?

By bpub | January 26, 2018 |

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) always strives to improve the way it communicates with its customers. With that in mind, experts are looking at the different ways that BPUB communicates news to its customers. This is a very important issue because knowing about a planned outage or receiving word about a current situation can…

Winter Weather Tips

By bpub | December 7, 2017 |

As temperatures drop this week, the Brownsville Public Utilities Board urges customers to follow these tips to help keep their homes and families safe during the cold weather.

Service is Our Main Product

By bpub | October 26, 2017 |

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) is proud to be the recipient of the diamond status RP3 (Reliable Public Power Provider) designation. This encompasses many things, but in the eyes of everyone who works at BPUB, it comes down to one thing: service is our main product. BPUB is built around providing top-notch service to all of its customers, and the criteria that BPUB was judged on to receive the RP3 designation shows how our top-notch service relates to each of those.

At BPUB, Safety is Part of Our Core Values

By bpub | October 26, 2017 |

Safety is one of the most important values among all BPUB employees. The fact is that many BPUB employees deal with dangerous situations and materials. Consequences of not having a workplace safety culture can include severe injury, lawsuit or worse. With that in mind, BPUB is devoted to promoting a culture of safety across all departments and all employees.

A Look at Our Emergency Operations

By bpub | October 26, 2017 |

Unlike many storms, Harvey was fast forming and difficult to predict. With many forecasts pointing to the hurricane hitting the Rio Grande Valley, BPUB needed to be prepared and act fast. The Rio Grande Valley narrowly missed being hit by Hurricane Harvey, but BPUB was already making preparations in case the storm made direct contact. So what’s done in a situation like this?

Using Incident Command for Business

By bpub | October 26, 2017 |

When BPUB activates its General Emergency Plan, the company responds according to plans established by FEMA which include the Incident Command System (ICS), the standard for emergency management by all public agencies in the United States for both planned and emergency events.