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BPUB Water and Wastewater Impact Fees

Growth in the city of Brownsville is booming.  Building for the future includes laying the groundwork for infrastructure.  Brownsville growth projections through 2020 show the city adding new residential, commercial and manufacturing to the northwest and southwest.  All this new city development will mean that more water and wastewater services are needed.  Since not all…

Preparing Your Business for Hurricane Season

Plan ahead to weather a storm Before a Storm Inspect and update all insurance information Stay informed on storm Determine evacuation plan when, where and how Back up data to servers or to memory devices Clean and prepare drainage systems and gutters Board up or shutter windows Update all emergency contacts During a Storm Monitor…

Mayor Highlights BPUB Projects During City Address

It has been a busy year for the city of Brownsville and for the Brownsville Public Utilities Board, and the annual State of the City Address and Symposium was the opportunity for the mayor to inform all the residents of what has happened and what is to come.

Expert Spotlight

Every quarter, BPUB highlights one of our amazing Experts.

These are the people behind the operations that help thousands of people throughout Brownsville receive reliable and affordable power, water and wastewater.