BPUB Expert Spotlight: Eddie Campirano Jr.

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This is a new segment to introduce the BPUB professionals whose priority is to deliver high quality service to you every day. Since our customers are the primary reason we are here, we’d like to acquaint our readers with the people with the skills and passion that make BPUB one of the most respected and reliable utilities in Texas.

Name: Eddie Campirano Jr.
Birthplace: Brownsville, TX
High School: Saint Joseph Academy in Brownsville
College: Bachelor of Arts in Organization Communication from University of Texas at Arlington
Length of time at BPUB: 7 years
Career track:
Training & Staff Development – 1 year
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Coordinator – 5 years
Key Accounts & Business Development Manager – 1 year

Eddie Campirano Jr. has been with the Brownsville Public Utilities Board for seven years, beginning his career here in Training & Staff Development. After a short stint there, Campirano dove into the role of Energy Efficiency and Conservation Coordinator. It was something that he says he didn’t know too much about when he started, but he immersed himself in it, absorbing as much information as he could.

While working as Energy Efficiency and Conservation Coordinator, Campirano helped usher in GreenLiving, a residential rebate program for customers who make energy and/or water efficient choices in their home. The program has continued to grow, and it even expanded to include commercial customers under his watch. In addition to rebates, Campirano performed energy audits of homes and businesses to help them identify ways to conserve and lower their bills. It was in this capacity that Campirano first started to become better acquainted with BPUB’s various key accounts. He assisted them in creating more efficient lighting and helped pinpoint ways for them to operate more efficiently in terms of water and electrical use.

For Campirano, it was a natural move transitioning from Energy Efficiency and Conservation Coordinator to Key Accounts & Business Development Manager. He already had a working relationship with many of the key accounts and a strong sense of customer service. As Key Accounts & Business Development Manager, Campirano leads a team devoted to meeting the unique customer service needs of our largest commercial and industrial customers. This department is responsible for the retention and recruitment of large commercial/industrial customers and new residential subdivisions. In addition, this department facilitates electric conversions, when a customer switches from one power provider to BPUB.

The Key Accounts team assists these customers at every stage. They are there to ensure that BPUB is able to provide the service that this customer needs; they facilitate the process of setting up power; and they stay in close communication with the Key Accounts to assure their needs are being met on a timely basis.

“The customer has to always come first, regardless of whether it’s night or day. We’re here to assist with any problems, offer advice on electrical usage and ease them through all the processes. Our team is here to do whatever we can for our customers,” says Campirano.

Since Campirano moved into his current role, the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Department moved along with him. He now acts as supervisor for that department as well, so that expertise will continue to be shared with our Key Accounts.

Campirano and his wife just welcomed a baby to their home to go along with their three dogs. When not working or spending time with his family, Campirano can usually be found fishing or participating in other outdoor sports.