Community Tours Water Operations at BPUB

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board’s twice-a-year community tour got a little bit of a change this year. The first community tour of 2016 focused entirely on the water side of BPUB’s operations.

While past tours have combined the water and electrical, we thought a more focused approach to water would be a better learning experience for the participants who got to see firsthand what BPUB does to get water from the river to the tap.

It wasn’t all just water on the tour, though. The event went full circle as one of the stops was at the Robindale Wastewater Treatment Plant. This provided a glimpse into what happens after you flush the toilet or pour water down the sink.

  • The tour took participants to many places, including:
  • Resaca Restoration Project dewatering site and bank improvements
  • Robindale Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Southmost Regional Water Authority reverse osmosis facility
  • Water Treatment Plant No. 1
  • Southmost Regional Water Authority (SRWA) brackish groundwater treatment facility

The tour allowed participants to see how seriously BPUB’s take the role of water steward for the city of Brownsville. Each member of the BPUB team has an important role to play in that stewardship, and we hope that the tour participants came away with a better understand of that. BPUB understand the important role that it plays in the community through providing critical utility services; this tour allows members of the community as well as business owners to see what it takes to provide these services.
Join us for the Fall Community Tour that will show and tell our visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the BPUB electrical system.