Want to See Something Covered in a Future BPUB Update?

We expanded the focus of our weekly BPUB Update. While we still will focus a great deal of attention on the Resaca Restoration Project, the videos have now been opened to include other issues, projects and personnel at the Brownsville Public Utilities Board.

And this is where we want to involve you! We want to hear what topics you would like to see covered in future BPUB Updates. Maybe you’d like some water conservation tips, would like to learn more about a particular department at BPUB or just want to know more about how we deliver electricity to our customers.
The fun thing is that BPUB has so many different projects and so many facets to it that there is plenty of room for different suggestions. If you would like to suggest a BPUB Update topic, just email Ryan Greenfeld at [email protected].

We can’t promise that we will be able to film a BPUB Update for all suggestions, but we’ll do our best to respond to as many as we can.