Don’t Forget to Change Your Home Air Filter!

Regularly changing the filter in your home’s air conditioning system is crucial to ensure its efficiency, long life and lower energy use.

A dirty air filter is a sign of an air conditioning system not operating at its full efficiency. An air filter removes contaminants from the air, which leads to healthier air in your home. All of this material getting removed leads to a dirty filter. Once the filter gets dirty, it requires more energy to push the air through the filter. This reduction in efficiency means more electricity gets used.

The more your AC runs, the quicker your AC filter will get dirty. Here in the Rio Grande Valley, most air conditioners get quite a workout trying to compete with the year-round heat. That makes changing your filter all the more important to keep your air clean and energy use down.

Try to get on a regular schedule changing your AC filter. Schedule a time that would be convenient for you, like when you send off the monthly bills. If it would help, set a regular reminder on your phone. Do what you can to save your air conditioner and your bill as well.

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