BPUB Educates Community About Resacas at Cyclobia

The backdrop for part of the Cyclobia event held Dec. 14 was the Cemetery Resaca. The setting couldn’t be better for some outreach about the Resaca Restoration Project.

Cyclobia is an event organized by the city of Brownsville that closes off a section of the city to car traffic and opens it up to runners, skateboarders, bicyclists, dog walkers and walkers. It encourages residents to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise.
BPUB’s team was set up near one of the bicycle rental stations, the one along the Cemetery Resaca. The significance of this is that the Cemetery Resaca was the first resaca dredged in the Resaca Restoration Project.

Our team was there to educate participants about the Resaca Restoration Project as well as the efforts to further restore the Cemetery Resaca. BPUB is looking into bank stabilization and planting more native plants to support the dredging that was completed there.

The visual impact of the Resaca Restoration Project was accomplished through a display of trash removed from Brownsville waters. People were shocked to see all of the litter and debris that was removed from our resacas. Many kids were able to see the trash display and learn more about the importance of Brownsville’s resacas.

Plenty of people who were there posed for pictures showing support for our I Love Resacas initiative. They also picked up pedometers to measure the distance they went while taking advantage of the automobile-free environment that Cyclobia offers.