BPUB Awards First Check in GreenBusiness Program

BPUB’s GreenBusiness program is officially underway. Just ask Trico Products. That company was the first business to receive a rebate for updating its facility to be more energy efficient. Trico was awarded a check for $14,289 for its efforts.

GreenBusiness is the commercial extension of BPUB’s residential GreenLiving program, which provides rebates as an incentive to reduce customers’ energy consumption by switching to more energy-efficient products.


A Trico employee inspects products in the newly lit facility.

In the case of Trico Products, the company underwent a major overhaul of its lighting. All of the traditional types of bulbs were removed and replaced with LEDs. The facilities manager said that he discovered he got not only more light but a better quality of light with LEDs and he required far fewer of them as well. One of the quality inspection rooms that requires bright light for the employees to properly perform their work went from having 56 lighting strips to only 16 LEDs, and the employees were amazed at how much better the lighting was.

Another added benefit to LED lighting is that it doesn’t create the same amount of heat as traditional bulbs. When there are many bulbs involved, that can certainly make a difference, as the air conditioner might have to work overtime to compensate for the added heat. When the air conditioner works less and more efficiently, that also will reduce energy consumption.

Trico is not resting, though. It’s continuing to make improvements and is already in the process of converting to a new, more efficient air conditioning system.

If you would to learn more about BPUB’s GreenBusiness or GreenLiving programs, you can call 956-983-6242.