An Easy Way to Check Your Toilet for Leaks

Any leak is a water waster, so do what you can to check for leaks in your home. One frequent leak offender in the home is the toilet. A leak in the toilet can really add up. You’d be surprised at how much water can be wasted!

Be proactive and test all of your toilets for leaks. It’s actually really simple.

Just lift the toilet lid to expose the tank. Simply drop a few drops of food coloring into the tank. Or if you’re a BPUB customer, you can come by the Administration Building, and we would be happy to provide you with some leak detection tablets that you could drop in the tank.

After you put the tablets or the drops of food coloring in the tank, simply wait. Do not flush the toilet! Come back to the toilet after a few minutes and look inside the bowl. If you can see traces of the color inside the bowl, then you’ve found yourself a leak.

This is a really easy that anyone can do at the home. Make sure to spread the word and help prevent water waste.