Odor Control Added at South Wastewater Treatment Plant

Odor control measures previously installed at Robindale Wastewater Treatment Plant have now been put in place at the South Wastewater Treatment Plant on East Avenue. This improvement is a great benefit to the residents who live in the area and opens up more possibilities for business growth.

BPUB saw great success with this odor control system at the Robindale Wastewater Treatment Plant. Having proven it works, BPUB went about installing the same measures at the South Wastewater Treatment Plant. This project was a big investment for BPUB not only in time but funds as well, with a total pricetag of $2.1 million.

The process works by targeting the compound primarily responsible for the odor in untreated water, hydrogen sulfide. The process of moving the wastewater creates turbulence, which causes the hydrogen sulfide to separate from the water and escape into the air as a gas. To mitigate this problem, the first major step was to place covers over wastewater tanks and channels. These covers spanning an area of 7,000 square feet were placed where untreated wastewater first enters the treatment plant, where the wastewater is churning the most. These covers prevent the odorous gas from escaping into the open air.

The odorous gas is then blown through a biological tower. Inside the biological structure are microorganisms naturally found in sewage that love to feed on hydrogen sulfide given the right temperature and moisture conditions. By the time those microorganisms do their job, 99% of the hydrogen sulfide in the air blown into the tower has been removed, along with the odors associated with a wastewater treatment plant.

To learn more about the odor control process, take a look at this video:



As a municipally owned utility, BPUB is responsive to the changing needs of the community. This project is evidence that BPUB listens to what its customers say and tries to find solutions. With the odor control measures in place, motorists can drive by the plant and not detect any odors.