BPUB-TV Comes to Administration Building

For those people who come to the BPUB Administration Building, your wait just got a little bit easier. BPUB-TV has launched in the lobby for those people waiting to see a customer service representative or other employee.

Shown on two televisions, BPUB-TV features many different types of videos and messages. Just watch for a few minutes and you are likely to say some of the latest episodes of the BPUB Update, cartoons on electrical safety, videos on energy conservation and more. Between the many videos, there are also important messages concerning safety, BPUB announcements, conservation tips, upcoming office closures and more.

This new tool provides a great opportunity for reaching out to our customers to keep them informed about what is going on in the company while also providing them some useful tools and tips that customers can take with them after leaving the Administration Building.

If you haven’t watched BPUB-TV yet, come by for a visit and see what’s playing! If you can’t come to the Administration Building, you can view some of our videos on the BPUB YouTube page.