Army Corps of Engineers Visits BPUB

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) were in Brownsville to visit with members of various BPUB departments to discuss the ongoing feasibility study at the Resaca Boulevard Resaca.

The Resaca Maintenance Department has been hard at work since the project began. Dredging has been completed at the Cemetery Resaca and Dean Porter Park Resaca, and dredging is underway at Gladys Porter Zoo.

The last Phase I site that needs to be dredged is the Resaca Boulevard Resaca. Preparatory work is underway for Resaca Boulevard Resaca dredging as dredge pipes are being assembled and relocated toward Resaca Boulevard. The USACE conducted a field visit and brief assessment of the resaca along with BPUB team members to evaluate the best options for restoring the resaca.

BPUB crews are eager to begin dredging Resaca Boulevard Resaca upon the completion of the necessary preparatory work.