BPUB Employees Available for Presentations

Several members of different departments at the Brownsville Public Utilities Board are ready to come speak to your business, class or civic group. There are a range of topics that are available, and each one provides a different look at the important functions at BPUB.

BPUB’s Pretreatment Department dedicates a lot of time toward performing outreach to businesses, churches and apartments, but it also reaches out to local civic groups as well. Many of these events provide the opportunity to not only talk to local residents but also to reinforce these principles to business owners as well.

Pretreatment Manager Vicente Guerrero III recently spoke to a local Rotary Club about the effects of fats, oils and grease (FOG) as well as the city ordinances in place regulating commercial facilities. With improper disposal, FOG can result in wastewater service outages, sanitary sewer overflows, clogged pipes and other related problems. These issues can result in critical downtime for businesses but can also impact the wallet in more direct ways. Sanitary sewer overflows can occur in the streets, yards or inside buildings. That cleanup can cost money as will the calls to the plumber that will be necessitated to clean out any clogged pipes.

That’s one of several topics that are available. Others include:

  • Resaca Restoration Project: Don’t dump in Resacas
  • Sendero Wind: Renewable Wind Generation
  • BPUB Electrical Generation:  Diversified Portfolio
  • FOG Project: Costs of dumping grease
  • Conservation: Conserve Energy
  • Conservation: Conserve Water
  • Electrical: Safety
  • BPUB Wastewater System

Each presentation is delivered by a subject matter expert in his or her field, someone who has professional experience with the topic being presented. By better understanding the diverse set of duties that BPUB performs, residents can gain a greater appreciation for all of the work that goes on behind the scenes that is necessary to deliver water, wastewater and electrical service to the city.

Many of these topics can provide valuable insights into things you can do to make your own business run more efficiently. Presentations on water and electrical conservation can ultimately lead to some monthly savings through lowering a bill.

Knowledge is power, and BPUB wants to make sure that you the power to make the most well informed decisions possible both at work and home. If you’re interested in scheduling a presentation, call 956-983-6281.