BPUB Outage Application Gets Upgrade

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BPUB already had made it easier than ever to report outages or other service-related problems when it launched an outage reporting application on the BPUB website, but now that application has been made even better.

An outage can be a major disruption in operations for any business or residence and can result in a long wait time to report that outage. Unfortunately, when there’s a major outage, that can often happen because so many people are trying to call all at once to report the same thing. Imagine 100 or more people calling at the same time. It bogs down the operators and occupies all available lines.

BPUB listened to the requests from customers and released this outage reporting application to help alleviate this problem Waiting on the phone can be a thing of the past, with you being able to quickly and easily report your issue and get back to work.

While this application first launched a while ago, it has been given some fresh improvements. The application is now fully integrated with Google Maps. That means that the application use your location, making the ability to report a problem even easier by more accurately determining your location. This will also save you time because you won’t need to search for your location to report the issue.

Communication is the cornerstone to any successful business, and this was something that we wanted to also improve with this upgrade. Now when you submit your issue using your smart phone or tablet, you will receive a text message confirming the receipt of the service request. Once the issue has been resolved, the customer will receive another text notifying the customer. If there’s still a problem, all the customer needs to do is respond to the text to open another service order. This process will be immediate and won’t require someone to spend time waiting on the phone.

This application is a must-have item for any business or residence. Here’s how to make sure you have access to it. Go to the BPUB website and click on the “Report a Problem” link. This gives you access to the app. From here, you can bookmark the site for quick access or add it to your home screen if you’re using a smart phone or tablet. Doing so will add an icon to your home screen to enable quick, one-click access to the app. No downloads are necessary; the application is web based.

The responsive design of the application will adapt to whatever device you’re using, ensuring compatibility with any device and across all major browsers.

Through the application, customers can report issues with:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Street lights
  • Fire hydrants
  • Security lights
  • Trash/Brush

Icons let you know at a glance what to select to report your problem. Enter your contact information and select the nature of the issue from a list of choices. You will also have the opportunity to describe the problem. This ensures that customers can accurately describe what they are seeing, providing the most information so that BPUB can send the appropriate crews to the site. Once you hit submit, BPUB will receive the message and route it to the correct department for response.