Water/Wastewater tour at BPUB draws in participants

Water is so crucial to everyday life, yet so few people get the chance to see how that water is delivered. BPUB gave a busload of people the chance to observe how

Brownsville’s drinking water is treated along with even more sights, sounds and smells.
The event showcased the full water treatment process, starting from the very beginning at the river intake for the Rio Grande and BPUB’s reservoirs. The tour ended at the Southmost Regional Water Authority (SRWA) desalination water treatment plant. In between, the tour members saw how water is treated to be ready for public use.

Along the way, tour participants were able to also see what happens at a wastewater treatment plant. The stop at

Robindale Wastewater Treatment Plant showed off the odor control measures put forth at this plant as well as the South Wastewater Treatment Plant. Visitors also witnessed ultraviolet (UV) treatment of wastewater, a method that is less dependent on chemicals than traditional treatment methods.

All the stops provided a broad look at much of what the water and wastewater crews do every day to keep the systems going for BPUB customers. Many of the tour participants were surprised at just how much goes into delivering safe drinking water to thousands of people. “My favorite part of the tour was how they showed us how PUB employees process the water in stages for the community,” said one tour participant.

The water systems tour occurs annually in the spring. In the fall, there will be another tour that will cover the Brownsville electrical system. The date for that one is scheduled for Oct. 13. Much like this tour of the water side, participants will get a comprehensive look at what needs to be done to deliver electricity to a community that needs it. Instructions on how to sign up will be coming soon. Space is limited, so reserve your spot as soon as registration opens. Lunch and transportation are both provided.