Public provides input on Resaca Restoration Project at meeting

The Resaca Restoration Project began in 2013 with four sites, and BPUB succeeded in dredging each of those spots. Now with the cooperation of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), BPUB is looking at what is coming next for the ambitious, long-term project. To help determine that, BPUB and the USACE held a meeting seeking public comment(s).

BPUB and USACE held the meeting June 14 at the Ringgold Civic Pavilion. The public was invited to listen to information about the projects and the options going forward. This included options for Resaca de la Guerra and Resaca Del Rancho Viejo. The public was encouraged to provide input on the Draft Brownsville Resaca Ecosystem Restoration Integrated Feasibility and Environmental Assessment.

During the feasibility phase of the collaboration between BPUB and USACE, studies were performed to find the most cost-effective solutions to restoring Brownsville’s resacas. The potential restoration options are what were explored during the public meeting because there are several different ways to restore, enhance and preserve the ecosystem associated with the resacas.

The feasibility study can be found on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers website:

The public input will help shape the next steps that will be taken by BPUB and USACE. As plans are finalized, BPUB will provide updates. These restoration efforts will continue to enhance Brownsville and its environment. The Resaca Restoration Project boasts many benefits beyond ecosystem restoration. It also improves drainage by providing additional water storage.