Device Helps Minimize Electrical Service Interruptions

The new year brings new approaches to the Brownsville Public Utilities Board’s (BPUB) commitment to electrical reliability. An electric reliability improvement project was launched in January that features the AR360 Auto Ranger Fault Indicator, a device that senses high currents on high voltage aerial circuits. To test its capabilities, the BPUB operations departments strategically installed 45 of these sensors on seven circuits that experienced the highest number of electrical issues (blinks or flickers) in 2015.


How this device works: When electrical system problems are detected, the AR360 will activate a constant or blinking LED light that visibly notifies BPUB crew members of a problem and whether it is a momentary or a long-term issue. This enables the BPUB staff, or troubleshooters, to focus their efforts on fixing problem areas instead of using precious time to patrol the entire circuit.

Transmission and Distribution, Substations and Planning Area Manager Eli Alvarez says the fault indicators will result in better reliability for our customers by enabling crews to locate and make repairs quicker, with less disruption of electrical service for BPUB customers.