BPUB Ready for an Emergency

You never know when an emergency might happen, and because of that, BPUB plans well in advance to be ready for just that kind of event.

Every year, BPUB looks at its General Emergency Plan to make sure it’s up to date and contains all the information needed if it needs to be enacted. There are several different parts to this plan. The first thing that needs to be done, which is done in advance of an emergency, is designating specific roles that employees will play. By doing this, employees can seamlessly step in to their roles should an emergency occur. To further help in that transition, practice makes perfect. That is why employees are trained in what to do in an emergency. BPUB participates in emergency training, exercises and drills.

If a natural weather event appears to be a threat, that’s something that BPUB personnel will track well ahead of time, watching closely to figure when or if the General Emergency Plan should be enacted. Critical load customers, such as nursing homes and hospitals, are identified so that specific departments can stay in close contact with them. BPUB will also make sure that its various generators are ready to serve critical locations throughout the city of Brownsville.

As a municipal-owned utility, BPUB works closely with the City of Brownsville during emergencies. BPUB staff is assigned to the City of Brownsville Emergency Operations Center during emergencies. BPUB also provides back-up generation for critical city facilities during emergencies.

Once the GM declares an emergency, employees are put on alert and must be ready to report to work at any hour and work as long as necessary. Generally, employees assist in any area they are needed regardless of position.
All of this preparation and training saves crucial time in the event of an emergency and allows employees to quickly be productive in their new roles. The goal is to restore services as quickly as possible while ensuring the safety of all residents and employees.