BPUB Invites Community to Tour Facilities

Some lucky members of the community will get an inside look of many BPUB facilities May 22 as part of BPUB’s community tour program. This event is an opportunity for our customers to see firsthand what BPUB does on behalf of the community every day.

Most people take for granted what it takes to get power in your home and for water to come out of your faucet. Most don’t think about what happens after they flush the toilet. The community tour is a way for people to gain an understanding of just how much work goes into making those things happen.


Because of how popular the community tour has become, BPUB has started offering it twice a year, up from once a year. In addition, the tour has been expanded to be almost a full day. That’s a lot more information, but it was something that was changed based on feedback from previous participants.

The tour will take participants to many places, including:

  • Robindale Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Silas Ray Power Plant
  • Water Treatment Plant No. 1