BPUB Has a Very Busy Charro Days

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board is always a very active participant in the annual Charro Days festivities, but this year was a particularly busy one.
The festivities at BPUB started Feb. 24 with the arrival of students from Russell Elementary. They performed the “Baile de Viejitos” in the lobby of the Administration Building. Employees crowded around to watch the dance as did customers lucky enough to be there.

As a Sombrero Festival sponsor, BPUB had a tent set up there. A group went there armed with fun giveaways for kids and adults alike. While the main idea was to provide something fun for the participants, we also took the opportunity to educate people about the Resaca Restoration Project. The prizes also reflected that, with shirts, bumper stickers, yo-yos and fans all emblazoned with the I Love Resacas logo.


Friday brought a flurry of activity. The morning started in true Charro Days fashion with a mariachi performance in the lobby of the Administration Building. The group made time in their performance to sing to an employee who had a birthday as well as to serenade to a woman watching from the balcony.
The big surprise came after lunch when Mr. Amigo paid a visit to the BPUB offices. Mr. Amigo Juan Osorio arrived with his son Emilio Osorio and singer/actor Pablo Montero. All of them were gracious enough to pose for lots of pictures with employees who were excited by the visitors.

The fun didn’t stop there. While a group of people were getting made up and putting together their outfits for the Friday night parade, a BPUB bucket truck was getting the same treatment. The truck was getting a makeover of its own to look the part for the Charro Days festivities. It was decorated with zarapes, sombreros, lights and bows of all colors. Come parade time, the bucket truck was in place along with a group of BPUB employees on a Charro Days float. The group was dressed in traditional china poblana and mariachi outfits.

Saturday brought more events. The BPUB board members woke up bright and early to compete in the Frijolympics, or the bean cooking contest. The BPUBean Squad came with lots of spirit and team T-shirts, despite the cold and rainy weather.

While the board members were competing in the bean contest, BPUB volunteers were once again getting ready for a parade, this time the Saturday day parade. The float participants were dressed again in traditional china poblana and mariachi outfits; only this time they had an additional fashion accessory for the occasion: umbrellas. The weather was not ideal, but the volunteers were still happy to participate and had a lot of fun.
The 2015 Charro Days is now officially in the books, but BPUB is already ready to do it all again next year!