BPUB Update – Tree Trimming

Trees can be a beautiful addition to any home, but did you know that trees planted underneath or nearby power lines can cause power outages?

Branches making contact with power lines is one of the major causes of power outages in Brownsville. A tree planted many years ago may not have been a problem, but as it has grown, the plant might now reach a power line. During bad or windy weather, a tree branch can make contact with a power line and cause an outage. That’s why we encourage homeowners to plant trees away from power lines.

To try to avoid such outages, BPUB has a tree trimming program. We send a tree trimming service all over the city to trim branches that are too close to power lines. If you have a problem with one of your trees, you can call BPUB and request a tree trimming. It’s a free service, and one that can save the homeowner and neighbors from being left in the dark.

BPUB also offers a trade a tree program for customers with trees planted under a primary voltage line. Through this program, BPUB will remove an existing tree interfering with the power line, clean up the debris and provide a replacement tree approximately 5 feet tall placed in the customer’s yard by a representative from a nursery. There are many tree available as replacements. Click here to learn more about the qualifications for this program and the different trees that are available.

BPUB encourages all of its customers to be safe. You should avoid trimming a tree if it’s branches are on or too near a power line. Customers faced with that situation should give BPUB a call to report the issue and let our crews safely handle the situation.