BPUB Taking Outreach Virtual

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many changes, and community outreach is one of those things that has been severely impacted in the last year. Interacting directly with its customers is something that BPUB has always valued. Those interactions provide ways to not only teach people about what BPUB does but also allows BPUB to find out how it’s doing.

That relationship with our customers is something that BPUB wants to continue to maintain, even though the pandemic is making connections more difficult. Before COVID-19, BPUB was very active in various groups’ events, places where we knew a lot of people would be present. This obviously isn’t something that is able to go on right now. As a result, BPUB is looking to expand its outreach efforts into the virtual world.

BPUB is establishing a speakers bureau that will be available for remote presentations during the pandemic. This service will be open to community groups and schools in the area and will be subject to availability.

The first topics available for presentations are:

  1. New BPUB websites
  2. Project SHARE Scholarship (scholarship deadline is Feb. 15, so act quickly if interested!)
  3. Project SHARE fund

There will be additional topics available in the future, but if your school or community group is interested in scheduling a presentation about one of the above topics, please contact the Communications & Public Relations Department.

Do you have a topic that you’d like to see covered by BPUB? Contact the Communications & Public Relations Department and let us know what you’re interested in.