BPUB Spreads Word About Resaca Restoration Project at Zoo

BPUB went to the Gladys Porter Zoo during the zoo’s Wild Tales event to help educate people about the Resaca Restoration Project.

With divers now dredging at the zoo, there was an extra reason to spread the word. With a boat floating in the resaca and a man in the water, there was sure to be some questions about what was going on there.


But the zoo is a wonderful opportunity to reach just the sort of people that can have the greatest impact on Brownsville’s resacas: the children. To help raise awareness, our team brought a trash display fresh with items removed from the resacas during this project. That provided a visual representation of all the litter and debris found in the water that shouldn’t be there.

In addition, there were wildlife murals that featured some animals that can be found in Brownsville’s resacas – along with a few animals that aren’t in our resacas – for the children to color. Our photographer was also on hand to take family pictures with them holding up signs up support for the Resaca Restoration Project. All of those pictures can be found on our I Love Resacas Facebook page. Make sure to check them out!