BPUB: Restorations Ongoing and Electricity Conservation Needed

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The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) reports that crews are working to restore service to about 2,289 BPUB customers who are without electricity today.

Crews are working to restore heavily damaged lines to an electrical substation in northeast Brownsville that serves about 2,329 customers. Due to the substantial damage, the repair is taking some time.

Additionally, BPUB is asking customers to conserve electricity in order to avoid overloading the RGV power grid. Customers can conserve electricity by doing the following:

  • Turning off unnecessary lights
  • Avoid washing and drying clothes during this time
  • Turning down thermostats on central heating units.

BPUB is prepared to keep customers informed of this situation on the BPUB Facebook or Twitter pages every five hours as this situation continues.