BPUB: No Issues With Water System After Extreme Cold Weather

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas – The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) wants to assure customers that the BPUB water and wastewater system is still operating at near full capacity after the extreme cold weather event that hit Texas on Sunday.

Many communities have experienced difficulties with their water systems as a result of the freezing weather. Widespread outages throughout the state as well as damage caused directly by the weather has impacted many water utilities. BPUB’s water treatment process has not impacted, and all three water treatment facilities have electrical service.

That doesn’t mean there weren’t complications caused by the extreme cold weather event, but BPUB crews have worked around the clock to ensure that the city has kept delivering safe drinking water to all of its customers.

However, there is still the chance for some water outages associated with this weather. Customers should keep watch for signs of broken water lines inside and outside the home. Frozen pipes are more susceptible to breakage, and all of ice and precipitation the area received could lead to the soil shifting, which can sometimes cause of water line break.

Here are some tips:
• Look for standing water in your yard or in the street.
• Investigate any puddles or damp spots forming in your home or on your drywall.
• Know where your main water shutoff valve is and how to use it. This is usually located near the water meter. If you discover a leak in the home, use this to shut off the water to stop the leak.

Customers can report any service-related outages using BPUB’s outage reporting tool at or by calling 956-983-6100. Information is also available on the BPUB website at, Facebook at and Twitter at For more information about electrical grid conditions in the state, customers can visit or download the ERCOT mobile app.