BPUB Launches New Safety Websites for Kids, Contractors

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) just launched two new websites to provide the community with valuable information about utilities to multiple audiences.

Is your kid e-Smart? Time to get you and the family e-Smart by using the new BPUB kids website. It’s important for children to learn more about how utilities work. Utilities are a constant part of our lives. Between electricity to power our lights and homes to drinking water used for cooking and bathing, utilities are always around us.


The most important consequence of knowing more about utilities is safety. By understanding how utilities operate, children will gain a greater respect for the power they harness. There are several sections throughout the kids website that focus on safety practices. Your kids should be aware of the dangers of electricity and water and how to deal with an unsafe situation or emergency.


Did you know that being e-Smart could save you money, too? It’s true. As you go through the website, you will discover ways that you can reduce the water and electricity consumption at your home. Which lightbulbs are most efficient? How can you less energy when washing? How can you conserve more water? Being e-Smart doesn’t just mean being safe, it can mean saving on your bill as well.


To truly understand the safety and conservation aspects of utilities, you need a general understanding of how they work. This website provides easy-to-follow lessons on water and electricity. While learning how electricity is delivered to homes might sound difficult, the website makes it easy. There are also sections for parents and teachers to help with lessons.

And Fun!

Don’t think this website is all serious, though. We know it’s easier to learn when you’re having some fun. The kids website comes equipped with fun games and engaging videos to ensure those lessons are reinforced. It’s a great way for parents to see their children are learning – and having fun while they do it.

Contractor Safety

The contractor website is a great resource not just for BPUB contractors but any business or individual who does work around a utility. The emphasis on this website is safe working practices. This helps ensure that contractors and BPUB employees stay safe, and in the long run, it will mean fewer outages due to damaged equipment and lines.

Some of the topics covered on the contractor website include:

  • Electrical safety basics
  • Digging & excavating
  • Ladders & long tools
  • Cranes & heavy equipment