BPUB helps welcome SpaceX to Brownsville

A ground-breaking ceremony for SpaceX was held the morning of Sept. 22, and it kicked off a series of events throughout the day in Brownsville. It all culminated with the Celebration SpaceX event at the Brownsville Sports Park. The Brownsville Public Utilities Board made sure to do its part to make SpaceX feel welcomed into the community.

BPUB brought a small team as part of the evening’s festivities. We placed a bucket truck in the parking lot to show the community the transportation our electrical crews use to do repairs and keep the power running throughout the city. Our Leo the Lineman also came along to teach children and adults alike about how electricity works and how to stay safe around it. Leo the Lineman always draws a crowd with his demonstrations. Children received  Leo the Lineman activity books for taking the time to learn about electrical safety.

But it wasn’t enough for our team to just be there; we wanted the community to show how happy it is about the tremendous opportunity that SpaceX brings with it. Participants held up various signs showing how they feel, and a photographer was able to capture some of those moments. We got great pictures of people in attendance.

And even the mayor got in on the act!

Head over to the BPUB Facebook page to see all of the photos.