BPUB GM & CEO Elected to Rio Grande Regional Water Planning Group

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) announces General Manager & CEO Marilyn D. Gilbert was elected as a member of Region M of the Rio Grande Regional Water Planning Group (RWPG) during the Aug. 2 meeting.


Region M is one of 16 regional water planning groups in Texas tasked with the mission of identifying water needs and developing feasible long-term water management strategies. As part of the group, Gilbert will contribute to a 50-year regional water plan that considers the water needs of the community to ensure there is adequate water supply in times of drought.


“I am honored to join the Rio Grande Regional Water Planning Group as a member of Region M,” Gilbert said. “I look forward to contributing my expertise to help shape the future of water management in our region, and ensure that the water needs of our community are met, both now and in the coming decades.”


Jim Darling, Chair of the RWP, commented, “Ms. Gilbert’s appointment to the Region M Water Planning Group continues the outstanding representation from the Brownsville utility. Her experience will be invaluable as we proceed with the 2026 water plan.”


The RWPG is composed of 20 voting members representing 12 interest categories and plays a significant role in shaping water supply plans that respond to changes in population, water supplies, technology, economics, project viability and state policy.

BPUB is committed to its mission of providing safe and reliable utility services to its community. Gilbert’s appointment to the RWPG reinforces BPUB’s dedication to actively participate in key decision-making processes that affect the region’s water supply.