BPUB Celebrates Public Power in October

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board joined more than 2,000 other citizen-owned electric utilities in celebrating Public Power Week (Oct. 5-10). BPUB scheduled activities throughout the month to commemorate these utilities that collectively provide electricity to 49 million Americans.

Public Power Week in 2020 took on different meanings thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. This was the year that “essential workers” entered the common lexicon. Probably no one would argue that electricity isn’t an essential service, but when power is just a flip of a switch away, it can be easy to forget the essential personnel that makes that possible.

Engineers, linemen, meter technicians, warehouse personnel, customer service agents, dispatchers, substation technicians and drivers are just a few of the people who contribute to delivering electricity throughout Brownsville. There are many men and women behind public power who have never rested throughout this pandemic to ensure that operations remained normal during a time when many customers depended on reliable service at their homes more than ever.

It’s also important to mention that beyond being essential workers, BPUB crews are considered first responders because of their important role within the community. Don’t forget to move over or slow down when you drive past a utility crew at work. It’s the law that you should move over a line or drive 20 mph below the speed limit if unable to move over.

And remember that those first responders working at your public power utility are members of your community. Those are local residents out working all hours to ensure Brownsville and all those who live there have the energy available to serve its needs.

Here were some of the activities BPUB held to celebrate public power in October:

  • Newspapers in Education – The Oct. 4 edition of the Brownsville Herald was one for the children with activities that featured lessons in electricity, the history of lineworkers and fun coloring sheets.
  • Virtual Fall Community Tour: Electricity – Residents remotely toured BPUB’s electrical system through a filmed guided tour.
  • Change A Light, Change the World – BPUB distributed 8,500 LED light bulbs for free at all four HEB locations in Brownsville.
  • Social Media – Tips on how to conserve and stay safe from electricity.