The Brownsville Public Utilities Board places a great emphasis on education, both within its organization and outside it. A major part of that commitment toward education is providing young people with the opportunity to gain experience and develop their skills as a worker. This can be seen through BPUB’s commitment toward internships.

Internships at BPUB begin at the high school level. Reaching people while they are younger can help direct them to their optimum career path. It can help reveal the subject or occupation that they are most passionate about. This direction can save time when students enter college because they can have a greater focus upon entering higher education.

BPUB wants to nurture those students passionate about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) jobs. Those frequently are the high school students chosen to participate in internships with BPUB. They are able to see the many different facets to a career within a utility and all the different applications for an engineering background. Future engineers aren’t the only ones chosen among high school students. There are plenty of other departments at BPUB, and many of those have welcomed interns as well.

High schools that participate in internships with BPUB have included Los Fresnos High School and Hanna Early College High School.

In addition to the high school internships that are offered, BPUB is also a big supporter of college internships. There are several programs that BPUB has participated in the past, including a mentorship program for engineering students through the American Public Power Association. BPUB also has participated in the Meadows internship program, which is intended for students studying a major with a focus on business.

Interns are given important projects on which to work, making contributions to BPUB while getting real-world experience at the same time. Because these contributions equate to service for the community, these interns are held to a high work standard and learn what the expectations are when working at a premier utility company.

This summer, BPUB currently has eight summer college interns (six from University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and two from Texas Southmost College) as part of the All-In internship program working in departments as wide ranging as Health & Safety, Communications & Public Relations and Electrical Engineering.

“I was expecting to make copies and just help a little, but then I found out I was going to have my own assignments. I had a real job, and I was a real part of the team,” says Nubia Reyna, a college intern working in the Communications & Public Relations Department. “As a communications major, it was a great benefit to see everything that goes on behind the scenes at events and how they are put together.”

The All-In internship program is under the United Way of Southern Cameron County. It’s open to students from UTRGV and TSC, and participants are eligible for college credit.

“The events that we have participated in have helped the community see that this is more than a company that just sends you a bill every month. It’s a part of the community and wants to be involved and give back,” says Reyna.


If you’re interested in learning more about internships at BPUB, contact the Talent Acquisition & Staffing Department.