The Brownsville Public Utilities Board has kept busy this summer performing community outreaches. It’s something that always is a priority within the organization and is enjoyed by the staff. Here are a few highlights from this year (past and upcoming).

Cyclobia – BPUB has participated in Cyclobia for many years. As a community partner, BPUB’s philosophy of health and safety for its employees also extends to its customers. Cyclobia is an event that emphasizes fun and physical activity. A section of the city is blocked off from vehicle traffic, and the lanes are taken over by walkers, joggers and, of course, bicycles. There are also plenty of fun activities, and BPUB is happy to be one of the sponsors that brings some fun and games to the event. Participants can’t forget to pick up their prizes! This event provides BPUB an opportunity to strengthen its bond with the community and have a good time in the process. By being visible at a public event like this, it also provides the chance for people to ask questions about the utility, whether it be about job opportunities, billing, electrical safety or the resacas.

Self-Sufficiency Presentation – Conservation is critical to reducing the load on the state’s electrical grid, especially during the hottest days of summer, not to mention the cost savings for customers that can result from the conservation. So, any time that BPUB is asked to speak about ways that customers can conserve, it’s a priority. At this event open to the public at Christ the King Catholic Church, BPUB’s expert on energy efficiency and conservation spoke to participants about the big ways – and little ones – that you can reduce your electrical usage. From ideas like insulation, servicing or upgrading the air conditioner or using more high efficient light bulbs, BPUB shared plenty of ideas for saving money, like BPUB’s rebate program. In addition, visitors went home with leak detector tablets to test their toilets for leaks.

Cameron Park Centro Cultural Summer Program – Reaching people when they are young can go a long way to instilling safe habits. That’s why BPUB’s own Leo the Lineman makes time every summer to attend this summer program. Leo is always a hit with the children, but most important, he teaches these children important lessons. Leo gives a presentation about electrical safety and how to be safe in a hurricane. Those lessons in electrical safety can end up saving a life. If the children have any questions, Leo patiently answers each one, and if the adults have any questions, he makes sure they are answered as well. The presentation that he does draws in both children and adults.

Home & Garden Expo – This is an annual tradition for BPUB. Held at the Brownsville Events Center, this event boasts the latest products and service for your home and garden. Reducing water waste and DIY landscaping projects are among the topics that this event seeks to explore. BPUB’s conservation expert was there to answer any questions about how to reduce water usage and ideas for gardens that require less water to thrive. Because so many people there are looking for improvements or are new homeowners, this was ideal spot to spread the word about BPUB’s GreenLiving Rebate Program. There are a slew of different products and improvements that qualify for rebates, including air conditioner, insulation, water efficient toilets and much more. Look at all the rebates offered by BPUB.

National Night Out – Held across the country, National Night Out is organized by the Brownsville Police Department and seeks to strengthen ties to the community and encourage crime prevention. With free food, raffle prizes, music and all kinds of entertainment, this event is always a hit for the whole family. Along with police officers, there are other first responders, like the fire department and BPUB. People might forget that BPUB crews are also first responders. When there’s an emergency, BPUB is frequently at the front doing whatever needs to be done to ensure safe service to its customers. Leo the Lineman is scheduled to make an appearance along with a BPUB bucket truck. Visitors get a chance to get important lessons in electrical safety while also getting a close-up look at one of BPUB’s service vehicles. This event is still to come, so make sure to head out to the Brownsville Sports Park from 7-10 p.m. Aug. 7. Along with first responders, you can expect to see city employees and many different local businesses and civic groups.