Welcome to the digital world: Advice to business social media late-comers

In business, as in life, there are groups who are progressive, adventurous and open to new things like technology. In the grand scheme of things, those people are the ones with the newest mobile telephone, software application and entertainment device. Remember Betamax tapes? Remember 8-track tapes? Remember the transition from transparencies to PowerPoint for presentations? It all starts somewhere. According to the agricultural researchers Beal and Bohlen in the 1957 Everett Roger’s bell.. Read More

Get Ready for Another Hurricane Season

The Rio Grande Valley has been very lucky in recent years. The last hurricane to hit the Valley was back in 2008 when Hurricane Dolly struck the area. That storm caused total property damage estimated at $1.05 billion, according to the National Hurricane Center. What that should tell you is that you never know when a hurricane might strike, and when it does, the effects can be devastating. With that in mind, hurricane.. Read More