PUBCAP Provides Link to Community

The Public Utilities Board Consumer Advisory Panel (PUBCAP) serves a critical role for BPUB. It’s the opportunity to directly receive feedback from the community on a number of different projects and issues. It’s a way of holding BPUB accountable for its actions and helping shape the direction the company is headed. PUBCAP consists of 10 members of the community along with one liaison from BPUB. The members are generally part of the local.. Read More

Odor Control Added at South Wastewater Treatment Plant

Odor control measures previously installed at Robindale Wastewater Treatment Plant have now been put in place at the South Wastewater Treatment Plant on East Avenue. This improvement is a great benefit to the residents who live in the area and opens up more possibilities for business growth. BPUB saw great success with this odor control system at the Robindale Wastewater Treatment Plant. Having proven it works, BPUB went about installing the same measures.. Read More

BPUB Water and Wastewater Impact Fees

Growth in the city of Brownsville is booming.  Building for the future includes laying the groundwork for infrastructure.  Brownsville growth projections through 2020 show the city adding new residential, commercial and manufacturing to the northwest and southwest.  All this new city development will mean that more water and wastewater services are needed.  Since not all city zones are seeing growth the BPUB worked with the city commission to calculate an equitable way to.. Read More

BPUB Expert Spotlight: Albert Gomez Jr.

This is a new segment to introduce the BPUB professionals whose priority is to deliver high quality service to you every day. Since our customers are the primary reason we are here, we’d like to acquaint our readers with the people with the skills and passion that make BPUB one of the most respected and reliable utilities in Texas. Name: Albert Gomez Jr. Birthplace: Brownsville, TX High School: Porter High School in Brownsville.. Read More

BPUB Outage Application Gets Upgrade

BPUB already had made it easier than ever to report outages or other service-related problems when it launched an outage reporting application on the BPUB website, but now that application has been made even better. An outage can be a major disruption in operations for any business or residence and can result in a long wait time to report that outage. Unfortunately, when there’s a major outage, that can often happen because so.. Read More

BPUB Employees Available for Presentations

Several members of different departments at the Brownsville Public Utilities Board are ready to come speak to your business, class or civic group. There are a range of topics that are available, and each one provides a different look at the important functions at BPUB. BPUB’s Pretreatment Department dedicates a lot of time toward performing outreach to businesses, churches and apartments, but it also reaches out to local civic groups as well. Many.. Read More